DeVault Teaching Gallery

The DeVault Teaching Gallery is an experimental and flexible teaching space within the Mathers Museum of World Cultures. This space allows for the short-term use of artifacts for instruction, inspiration, and experimentation, and is designed for the exploration of objects in adventuresome yet secure ways. Artifacts may be exhibited for as little as one or two days or as long as several weeks. Faculty work with museum staff to select the objects to be displayed in the DTG.

Potential ways to use the DTG
Objects can be used for a wide variety of purposes ranging from basic observations and sketching to more complex analysis and research projects. Students may be asked to visit the teaching gallery on their own, or it may be incorporated into a class visit in order to show objects that aren’t currently part of our exhibits.

Example: Dr. X has requested a selection of African textiles be exhibited. The textiles include a variety of decorative techniques, time periods, and uses. Students are asked to visit the museum on their own and write a short response paper that requires the students demonstrate appropriate understanding of the decorative techniques and materials they've been studying, and what time periods the objects might be from based on the techniques and materials observed.

Our staff is pleased to work with you on new ways to use the DeVault Teaching Gallery or to conduct research on the efficacy of Teaching Gallery use.

To request use of the DeVault Teaching Gallery contact Sarah Hatcher, Head of Programs and Education at the Mathers Museum.