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Clowes Internship leads to MMWC Website Redesign

During Fall Semester 2017 Abigail Billing, an undergraduate majoring in Interactive and Digital Media and minoring in Art History, was selected as a Clowes Intern at the Mathers Museum of World Cultures. During her internship, she assisted in redeveloping and redesigning the MMWC website.

Abigail's work include included reviewing the former website and previous user assessments in preparation for the redevelopment and redesign project, developing a wireframe based on that information, gathering and reviewing feedback from users regarding the wireframe, and developing and designing several iterations of the new website, utilizing the IUB web framework.

She also worked on content development for the site, and undertook usability tests with targeted audience members. The new site is vastly improved, not only in design and navigation, but also by the expanded and broadened range of information available to its visitors. 

Abigail has always loved museums and wanted to work in them, but wasn’t sure how to move into the field. Her background in art history, web design, and graphic design led her to an interest in technology in museums, and into the Clowes internship program.

“This was a great experience—a real world experience in the crossroads of where I want to be for the rest of my career,” she notes.

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