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January 19 to February 1, 2018


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Roundtable on Syria
Friday, January 19; 4:30 p.m.

IU professors and researchers will present a roundtable discussion about current political and social issues in Syria and the ramifications for refugees and host communities. The featured participants include Asaad Alsaleh, an Assistant Professor of Arabic Literature, Comparative and Cultural Studies; Iman Alramadan, a lecturer in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Culture; Lydia Lahey, a graduate student in the Department of Geography whose studies focus on the refugee settlement process in the Midwest through the analysis of the humanitarian practices by nongovernmental organizations and community organizations; and Elizabeth Dunn, an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and International Studies who has spent more a decade researching refugee issues, including living in a camp for internally displaced people for 16 months. The event will be free and open to the public.

Under the Influence: The Role of Headcoverings in North American Identity Creation
Thursday, February 1; 4:30 p.m.

When a Pakistani immigrant woman, Zunera Ishaq, took the Canadian federal government to court over her right to wear her niqab (face veil) during her citizenship ceremony, it sparked a heated national debate about North American identity and values that fundamentally shifted the Canadian federal election of 2015. This case shared many overtones with Baltej Singh Dhillon’s struggle to wear a turban as part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police uniform in 1990. Laura Stemp-Morlock,a PhD candidate in human rights and religious diversity in North America at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, notes that "when minorities bring overtly religious headcoverings into public spaces they challenge cultural norms and majority discourses of the 'other.' They prompt dialogue around reasonable accommodation and multiculturalism. They push the dominant society to examine the truths they unquestioningly accept as universal, leading nations to ask, 'who gets to be ‘us’?” Stemp-Morlock will explore this dialogue during a talk in conjunction with "Heads and Tales," an exhibit produced in partnership with the Elizabeth Sage Costume Collection. The event, co-sponsored by the Elizabeth Sage Costume Collection, will be free and open to the public.


 “A Different Look at Syria” Drawing upon the Dee Birnbaum Collection, this exhibit offers a glimpse into the richness and diversity of material culture and deep history of an ancient nation. The exhibit will close January 21, 2018.

“Creative Aging” explores the making and use of memory art in the lives of older adults in the U.S. (Closes 7/27/2018)

“Memories Shared: Photographs of Historic Bloomington” Bloomington has changed significantly in the past 100 years, but many places remain in some shape or form. This photo essay will explore a few of these places through historic photos. (Closes 7/29/2018)

“Heads and Tales” Opening January 26, this exhibit, produced in conjunction with the Elizabeth Sage Costume Collection, will investigate all things worn, styled, and associated with the human head. The exhibit will be on display through December 16, 2018.

"Show and Tell--Making Craft at the John C. Campbell Folk School" looks at contemporary craft through the lens of the John C. Campbell Folk School, located in Brasstown, North Carolina. (Closes 7/27/2018)

"A Snapshot of Pakistan, 1965: The Madge Minton Collection" examines the common needs all people share. (Closes 12/16/2018)

"Thoughts, Things, and Theories...What Is Culture?" explores the nature of culture. (Ongoing)

Museum Store and Visitor Information


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The Mathers Museum of World Cultures Store offers a wide range of merchandise, including toys and games, books, masks, figurines, pottery, and jewelry from the four corners of the globe. All items featured in the Mathers Museum Store reflect the diversity of cultures found in the rest of the museum. Come find out-of-the-ordinary gifts for friends and family, or to treat yourself to unique items with an international flair. All proceeds from the Mathers Museum Store support a variety of museum activities,

The Mathers Museum of World Cultures Exhibition Hall and Museum Store are open Tuesdays through Fridays, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; and Saturdays and Sundays, from 1 to 4:30 p.m. Admission to museum exhibits and programs is free. The museum’s exhibition hall will be closed December 18-January 8.

Free and accessible visitor parking is available by the Indiana Avenue lobby entrance. Metered parking is available at the McCalla School parking lot on the corner of Ninth Street and Indiana Avenue. The parking lot also has spaces designated for Indiana University EM-P, EM-S, and ST permits. During the weekends free parking is available on the surrounding streets.

An access ramp is available at the southwest corner of North Fess Avenue and Ninth Street, at the entrance to the Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology. If you have a disability and need assistance, arrangements can be made to accommodate most needs. Please call 812-855-6873 for directions and assistance.


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