Faculty Connections

Beth Buggenhagen, Associate Professor of Anthropology at IU, works with MMWC staff member Kelley Totten to select Syrian dress for her Fall 2017 course.

Teaching with Artifacts

Topics and themes discussed in the classroom can often by enhanced by utilizing objects and images relevant to the curriculums. These items can engage students, drawing upon methodology and techniques from anthropology, history, education, and a wide variety of other academic disciplines.

Artifacts can also be utilized to supplement training and preparation in analysis and observation, interpretation and evaluation, and criticial thinking.

The Mathers Museum provides opportunities for faculty to incorporate artifact and image studies in research and study activities for classes--from guided tours to special activities drawing upon over 30,000 artifacts and 10,000 images from around the globe.

For more information on teaching with artifacts, contact Sarah Hatcher, Head of Programs and Education at the Mathers Museum.