For the Community

Family Guides

Family Guides, activity sheets with fun facts and suggestions, are located through out the galleries to enhance the museum experience and facilitate conversations and activities for parenst and children.

Conversations on Culture

"Conversations on Culture" is a podcast series of the Mathers Museum of World Cultures, and is made possible with support from Indiana Humanities. Listen as Jon Kay, the MMWC's Curator of Folklife and Cultural Heritage, explores cultural studies with fellow curators.

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Collaboration and Partnerships

The Mathers Museum invites and encourages opportunities for collaboration and partnership with community organizations. The MMWC has worked with representatives from a variety of community organizations to develop or host special exhibits or events aligned with the museum's mission. If you're interested in working with the museum, please contact Matt Sieber, Manager of Exhibitions, to discuss exhibition possibilities, or Sarah Hatcher, Head of Programs and Education, to explore collaborative events.

Facilities Rentals

Looking for a special venue for an upcoming event?  Located on the beautiful campus of Indiana University, the Mathers Museum of World Cultures provides a unique setting for your reception, dinner, holiday party, or other special event.

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Mathers Museum Store

The Mathers Museum Store offers a wide range of merchandise, including toys and games, books, masks, figurines, pottery, and jewelry from the four corners of the globe (Balinese silver, Kenyan metalwork, Baltic amber, and more).

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