Strategic Planning

Mathers Museum of World Cultures Strategic Plan, 2013-2018

In its 50th year as Indiana University's museum of world cultures, IUB Vice Provost for Research Sarita Soni charged the MMWC to develop a strategic plan to guide its work. The Mathers Museum of World Cultures Strategic Plan, 2013-2018 has now been endorsed by the museum's Policy Committee and by the Vice Provost, and the museum is busily pursuing its broad and ambitious goals through refinement and implementation of its specific objectives and strategies.

Building on the MMWC's own mission statement, the plan is rooted in the IUB Campus mission and in the broad goals articulated by IUB Provost Lauren Robel in her 2013 State of the Campus address.

The plan's details are organized around four broad thematic goals. (1) Increasing Research Productivity, Excellence, and Reach, (2) Networking the Museum, (3) Stewarding People, Collections, Facilities, and Resources, and (4) Strengthening Public Outreach and Campus Engagement.

Additionally, the MMWC strategic plan will inform the campus strategic planning process initiated by Provost Robel in 2013. MMWC Director Jason Jackson is a member of the Campus Strategic Planning team.